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Web Design Apprentice / East Lansing

About this Web Designer Job

This position involves all aspects of web design and weaponizing digital marketing campaigns. You learn to development and maintain sites. Interns are taught how to complete major client projects and build skills that will land them a great job after graduation. 
You work for both of our companies:
You’ll need a basic working knowledge of – WordPress Web Design. You also to be familiar with HTML and CSS.

You will learn these soft skills:

  • How to double your creative output.
  • Learn to manage clients social media campaigns. 
  • How to collaborate with our photographers, videographers and writers.
  • Create digital campaigns for social media marketing and TV news production.
  • Design and build out multi-faceted WordPress websites.

Most Exciting Element of the Job:

We are on the cutting edge of digital marketing our firm has work with clients that built out the backbone of the internet here in Midwest. We don’t just buy paid posts we: 
  • Geo-Fence
  • We have in-house data minors that feed our “audience-mirroring.” 
  • Our paid posts target by behavior, Geo and demos. 
  • Our on-site data minors feed allow our digital marketing campaigns to hyper targeting. 
  • Our social media posts are coded to corresponding websites to track click behavior. 
You Do Not Have To Have a Killer Portfolio To Get Apprenticeship At C&R. Honesty, Grit and Being A Nice Person Gets You This Job. C&R’s art directors (Kathy and Joe) have teaching techniques that quickly advance students’ skills. Check out the C&R website www.CRmarketing.Biz. The web, graphic art and videos are done by our MSU apprentice students under the direction of our art directors.
There’s no stuffy office decorum or office politics here. We focus on accomplishing the goals and objectives of our clients — period. It’s a fast-paced environment not recommended for folks with thin skin.
Being an Apprentice at C&R is a career builder.
Job Type: Internship
Pay: $8.50 to $15.00 /hour

About CR Marketing

CR Marketing turns students into business professionals with internships available for those majoring in Marketing, Journalism, Communications, Photography, Videography, and Design.

CR markets complex products and services to highly specialized target audiences. Its sister company is CR News. The parent company of CR News and CR Marketing is Communications & Research Inc.

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