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Canon EOS 70D

About the Sigma 18-35 f1.8 lens

Cannon 70D: getting to know your camera


Tascam 4-Channel

Tascam DR-70D tutorial

Tascam 2-Channel


Overview of "IKAN" bi-color lights


Quick tips:


Find a comprehensive guide of Adobe Tutorials HERE


State Settings

If you want a button or menu item to change appearance when the mouse interacts with it, change it's 'State' settings in the upper right menu bar


Master Pages

- Anything you put on these pages will happen on every

  page that Master is applied to.


- New Masters can be created just like normal pages.


- To apply a Master Page to specific pages select the page,

  control-click, go to Master, select the name of which Master

  page you want applied to that page or select 'None.'


Preview Site

To view a page as it will be seen on a web browser simply open the page by double clicking it and select 'Preview' in the upper right corner of the menu


Keyboard Short Cuts


  V - Selection Tool

  M - Rectangle Tool

  T - Text Tool

  C - Crop Tool

  H - Hand Tool



To link an object or text link to another page, file, or URL


1. Select the object or highlight the text


2. Click add or filter links in the top menu bar


3. Copy and paste the desired URL, select from the page

     options, or click file > link to file > and browse the file to

     link to


*For extra settings click the orange HYPERLINK text

Uploading to the Internet

1. File > Upload to FTP Host (if a dialogue box pops up, press ok)

2. FTP Server:,

     User Name: steel017

     Password: Moby123

     > Click: next


3. Site URL:

     Folder name: /

     > Select: upload only the modified files


4. If you get a dialogue box after you press OK, just press 'ignore'


5. Wow you did it!


6. Make sure to go to both desktop and mobile site and double

     check that everything is working properly*


     *if site does not appear to be the most updated version



Buttons and Links


To make a button (which you choose from clicking on WIDGETS LIBRARY > BUTTON) jump down the page:


1. Press the anchor symbol at the top of the window,


2. Name it what section you want it to jump to


3. Place it just above that section.




4. Select the button that you want to jump to the anchor


5. Go to HYPERLINKS in the top menu bar.


6. You will see the anchor you just named there:

     Select it and press Enter.




Pinning means you want something to stay in the same place, no matter if the user is scrolling down, up, or sideways.


You can pin it on all different sides by:


1: Selecting the object you wish to pin


2: Go to the PIN in the top menu bar


3: Select the corresponding square (top, bottom, left, center, right)


4: Keep in mind



Video Embed

You can upload a video from YouTube or Vimeo by copying the embed code and pasting that directly into MUSE. Don't make a text box or anything, it pastes into video form by itself.


If you want the video resized, right click the video box you just pasted and select 'Edit HTML'. If that doesn't work, paste the embed code into text edit and change the height/width that way, and re-paste it back into MUSE.


For a quick, no hassle solution simply go to



2. Drag the desired media onto the page


3. Click on the blue arrow in the upper right corner of the object


4: In the 'Video ID' text box copy and paste the video code from the

     URL in Vimeo or YouTube (shown below)

Full-Width Images

If you want a picture to fill the browser or stretch all the way across it, draw an empty rectangle that's about 250px high and the width of the page.


Go up to the orange Fill, with the rectangle still selected, and click it. You will see an add image option. Select the image you want, and change the settings below it (do you want the image to fill the box? Be tiled? Be pinned in the center? etc).


If you want the browser fill to be a different color, look at the top of your window and change the "Browser Fill", you can also add an image.

Other questions? ASK THE GOOGLE!!!