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We specialize in marketing complex products and services to small target audiences. Our clients range in size —  from small ($10 million in gross revenues) to medium size ($75 million). For these clients we manage many aspects of their marketing. Working on a monthly retainer, they give us a goal and a time-line. We give them results. For large, enterprise organizations we support their marketing departments with services on an “as needed” bases. 

Social Media

C&R links your social media activity to your business strategy. To accomplish this goal we have two step process: Whenever possible, we track how your social media use influences your lead flow and customer conversion rate. We find the right mix of Social Media platforms that impact your revenue and profit figures.


Choosing the right platforms and practices, identifying key goals, and planning your approach to content, C&R ensures your use of social media supports your core business strategy.

We created a partnership between the DEA and Michigan Association of Chiropractors to address Michigan’s drug epidemic. The campaign reached over 250,000 Michgian residents and was credited with helping to get 20,000 pounds of drugs off the streets in 2018.

Our social media cred was taken to a new level when in 2018 Facebook and Google asked us to broadcast live their corporate events.

State & National News Media Relations

C&R gains exposure to audiences using topics of public interest and creating news items that we distribute through traditional print and broadcast news media. If your message has a strong public interest element, we can communicate it through unpaid channels, such as the news media. Less news-worthy topics are better communicated through traditional, paid advertising and paid social media.

Controversy & Complexity

When the NSA phone / data tapping issue broke, C&R had a report out in days on how one Midwest telecom and Internet company defied such governmental requests (ones without legal standing). C&R put the company’s CEO on a talk show circuit branding the company as a protector of business and individuals privacy rights.

Media Relations

C&R has an impressive record securing positive media coverage for its clients from more than 95 percent of Michigan’s print and broadcast media. We have placed national reports in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC, NBC, ESPN, the Associated Press, Telephony, and dozens of other national technological publications.

Live Coverage

We have a proven record of creating live news events. Fox News covered C&R's report on the Farm-to-Fork trend sweeping across the Midwest. The live news segment is part of a campaign that creates opportunities to share the Michigan Propane Gas Association grill safety message.


C&R is one of the Midwest’s only full-service communications firms. Our in-house graphic design, writers/researchers and photography gives us an edge to create inspiring content.  We don’t aim to just entertain readers, our content advances individuals and organization’s goals and aspirations. We motivate change.

Propane Journal Magazine

This magazine offers association members insights on the advances in alternative energy at the national and state level. It also gives cutting edge industry education and safety articles for both propane consumers and businesses. Michigan is one of the largest consumers of propane as a source for home heating, vehicle fuel and industrial uses.

View it here

Profiles Magazine

C&R took a medical journal with a limited audience and grew the publication's readership by 300%. The publication’s dramatic editorial and graphic content Illustrate how doctors are showing leadership on issues impacting society.

View it here

SmartTechSolutions Magazine

This magazine’s print and internet versions educate executives on the productive and destructive nature of next generation tech. Midwest C-suite leaders in advanced manufacturing, telehealth and other business thought-leaders makeup the publication's readership.

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Most business and public policy research reports become dust collectors. The best research comes from first choosing the right research method for the job. We encourage clients to let us first complete a simple, inexpensive report using existing off-the-self data and targeted interviews with thought provoking-leaders. The next step, if needed, includes case studies, phone surveys and focus groups. The only thing more important than research tactics is the talent of the researchers.

One of our latest reports was used to stop the expansion of Michigan gas lines to homes in remote regions of the state.

Web Development

Let’s create websites that matter. We have a deep understanding of SEO, analytics and E-commerce. Our knowledge comes from a decade of marketing web based services and broadband service providers. We create every Internet asset including video, photography and graphics.

B2B Marketing Tool

Profession Branding

Health and Safety Education

Video Production

We recently added to our production capabilities by building a video / photography studio onto our offices. We also upgraded our lighting, sound and editing equipment. All the videos and most of the photography on this C&R site are samples of our work.

This is a sample of our micro-documentaries.

This is a sample of our studio productions.

This is a sample of our sound effects and animation capabilities.

This is a sample of our institutional branding videos.

Marketing complex products and services to hard to reach target audiences is what we do

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