Tour an East Lansing Marketing / News Agency on Fridays.

All ComArts Students and Faculty Welcome! Every Friday morning at 11am we host up to 4 MSU students or faculty to tour and talk.

Video Students Will Learn:

  • Tour our TV studio learn production hacks.
  • Tour post production and learn project flow.
  • Get hands on experience with:
    • Ronan floating gimbal with body harness. 
    • Get basics of Bi-Color studio lights
    • Learn in the field audio basics.
  • Most importantly, you will get insight on project management.

So What Do We Know?
The firm’s partners have worked for ESPN, NBC News Discover Channel. CR Marketing and CR News have produced over 800 documentaries, corporate-videos and other forms of video web and broadcast content.

Graphics, Journalism, PR, Marketing Students Will Learn:

  • Learn how existing digital and cutting edge channels like HTML 5 are used to reach audiences in marketing and journalism.
  • Learn what student traits employers are looking for.
  • See how AI news content and marketing content is being ethically sourced and served to audiences.

So What Do We Know?
We evolved from the early stages of the internet over 30 years ago to now exploring and applying the latest net-tech. Our firm’s full stack developer has scaled global websites processing billions of dollars in sales. Our chief technology manager ran the operations of half a dozen national companies and education institutes. Our two front-end internet designers and content developers manage the design and content for over a dozen government agencies and private sector companies. Our company is staffed largely by MSU Alumni.

About CR Marketing

For over 30 years MSU students have thrived at our two companies. CR Marketing turns students into business professionals. professionals with apprenticeships for those majoring in Marketing, Journalism, Communications, Photography, Videography, and Design.